Karine Jean-Pierre gives sage advice to Kristi Noem after hinting at killing Biden Dog

Karine Jean-Pierre gives sage advice to Kristi Noem after hinting at killing Biden Dog

Karine Jean-Pierre told Kristi Noem on Monday to “stop digging herself into a hole” after South Dakota’s governor proposed putting down President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander. (Watch the video below.)

Noem sparked a stormy rollout of her new book, “No Going Back,” by defending a passage in which she described shooting her 14-month-old dog Cricket because of behavioral problems. She went further in an interview this weekend, suggesting Biden should do the same with his German Shepherd commander, who bit several Secret Service agents before being transferred to relatives in Delaware.

On “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan mentioned a threatening book passage in which Noem wrote, “Commander, say hello to Cricket for me.”

Noem responded that Biden “must be held accountable” to “make a decision” about the dog after attacking so many people.

She then asked the governor if the commander should be shot, and Noem wandered on. “The president should be accountable for that,” the state leader said without answering the question.

Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, was asked about the comments at a news conference, prompting a scolding who stopped short of hitting Noem on the snout with a rolled-up newspaper.

“We find her comments yesterday disturbing. We find them absurd,” she said. “This is a country that loves dogs and you have a leader who talks about culling and killing dogs. And that is a disturbing statement.”

Then the press secretary got personal.

“I would tell her that she should probably stop digging herself into a hole,” Jean-Pierre said.

Noem, who has been mentioned as a possible running mate for Donald Trump, made another reference to Commander in her book. “A dog that bites is dangerous and unpredictable (are you listening, Joe Biden?) – especially if you run a business where people interact with your dogs,” Noem wrote.

Noem is also dogged by an apparently false claim in the book that she met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The publisher said it would remove the passage from reprints of “No Going Back” at her request, and from e-book and audiobook editions as soon as possible.