The world’s largest amateur telescope, world record in Stansbury Park, Utah

The world’s largest amateur telescope, world record in Stansbury Park, Utah

Stansbury Park, Utah, United States–The
Mike Clements The 1.8 meter (70 inch) telescope has a new home in Utah
Stansbury Park Observatory completex (SPOC) the Salt Lake Astronomical Society Observatory; Using a 70-inch wide military mirror from a spy satellite that he accidentally bought online, Clements built the
The world’s largest amateur telescopeaccording to the WORLD RECORD ACADEMY.

“Similarly, Mike’s next logical step was to build an even larger scope. Years had passed, but fate fell on him and he acquired a military surplus. The mirror was already polished and thought it just needed to be coated. 70 inch mirror! A kinder man has happened, whose only desire is to share his inspiration from the heavenly wonders above.”
Cloudy nights say.

“Needless to say, I was very intensely interested in seeing in person this gigantic telescope that everyone is talking about. After a nice dinner with Mike, we headed to the observatory where the telescope was stored, the Stansbury Park Observatory Complex (SPOC). ) .

“To see this structure for the first time, nothing prepares your eyes for the magnitude of this work of art! It’s like seeing many pictures of the Grand Canyon and then seeing it in person for the first time. Wow Wow! You are left speechless, as if you are riding a super high roller coaster! The height bearings alone are a feast for the eyes – 4 meters in diameter!”

“The main mirror is a spectacular glass disk 120 centimeters wide, originally made for a US spy satellite. Weighing 450 kilos, it is just one part of the gigantic device. With its crane-like structure oriented horizontally, the telescope is 10 meters long. 11½ feet wide and 16 feet high,” the
Desert News say.

“Work is underway on a new building to house this beautiful magnifying glass. When completed, it will be a rectangular module 13 meters long and 7 meters wide, with concrete and steel walls.

“The top of the roof will be 7 meters above the concrete floor. A ‘garage door’ of 4.5 meters wide and 5 meters high will open at the front. For public and private star parties, the Clements telescope will be removed from the building rolled and placed on a circular concrete pad.”

“Salt Lake City native Mike Clements has turned his hobby of better understanding the stars into a gift to the community that can provide one of the best and most accessible ways in the world to see the stars up close,” the spokesperson said.
ABC4Utah say.

“Using a 70-inch-wide military-grade mirror intended for use on a spy satellite, Clements has built what he claims is the largest amateur-made, publicly available optical telescope on Earth.

“Clements’ friends, who have been into building his own telescopes in various shapes and sizes for many years, contacted him with an interesting offer. They had found a declassified spy satellite mirror, almost two meters in diameter, which was Clements, a truck driver by profession, seized his opportunity with both hands.”

“The largest amateur telescope in the world, the Mike Clements 1.8 meter (70 inch) telescope, has a new home in Utah at the Salt Lake Astronomical Society’s Stansbury Park Observatory Complex (SPOC), the Salt Lake Astronomical Society’s Observatory,” say.

“Last November 2016, the final private funding was secured from private contributors and members of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society (SLAS), allowing SLAS to obtain a matching grant from Tooele County.

“The telescope was built by Utah stargazer Mike Clements and uses a mirror originally designed for a spy satellite. A minor defect prompted the government to sell it, and Clements was the buyer. He spent years working on building the enormous framework that holds the other telescopes.” elements and let it be sent by heaven.”

“This would be truck driver and space enthusiast Michael Clements, a native of Salt Lake City. Using a 70-inch wide large military mirror from a spy satellite that he accidentally bought online, Clements built what he says is the largest amateur optical telescope on Earth “, the
Orbital today say.

“When he heard what Clements had in his garage, the Salt Lake City Astronomical Society approached him with a proposal to open the telescope to the public.

“Now the great structure stands in a place of honor on a baseball field in Tooele County known as the Stansbury Park Observatory Complex. Each week the great telescope is removed from the building and taken to the Society’s Star Party.”

“A Utah man has created perhaps the largest amateur telescope ever created – a device that allows users to view constellations previously only visible through the Hubble Space Telescope,” the researchers said.
Fox news say.

Mike Clements of Herriman, Utah, told Fox affiliate KSTU-TV that he built the telescope despite a lack of formal training. The telescope is about 35 feet tall — about the size of a school bus — and weighs about 3,000 pounds. , the station said.

Clements said the project got underway after he purchased a 70-inch mirror that was once destined to be part of a Cold War spy “I don’t have any login information,” Clements told the station. “I’m just a man. I’m just an average man with a passion.”

“At first glance, Mike Clements is a typical professional truck driver for Central Refrigeration. But look closer and you’ll discover that Clements has a passion for building telescopes,” says the
Utah Public Radio say.

Clements said he became interested in telescopes as a child. He would take apart telescopes and play with the pieces. Clements said this created an obsession for him. He started building small telescopes and worked his way up to building the largest amateur telescopes recorded. In total it is 35 feet long.

Clements said he wasn’t willing to spend too much money on the project. The giant 70-inch mirror was once part of a spy satellite and came from an auction. The rest of the telescope’s parts came from places like Home Depot. The mirror of the telescope weighs approximately 900 pounds.”

“The long-haul trucker from West Jordan, Utah, has single-handedly built a 70-inch telescope – the largest ever created by an amateur astronomer, allowing users to see constellations previously only visible through the $2.5 billion Hubble Space. Telescope”, the
Daily email say.

“While the primary mirror is 70 inches, the black metal structure itself is approximately 35 feet tall and supports a 29-inch secondary mirror.

“Clements bought the £900 mirror – which was originally destined to go into space as part of a spy satellite until its edge was broken off during its manufacture – after it was auctioned.”

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