Mark Stone gives his honest assessment of what went wrong in Vegas during the playoffs, but ends up being brutally attacked

Mark Stone gives his honest assessment of what went wrong in Vegas during the playoffs, but ends up being brutally attacked

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The Vegas Golden Knights made some great acquisitions at the trade deadline and were eager to make another long run in the playoffs.

Some even thought they had what it took to become back-to-back Stanley Cup champions.

But they finished the regular season poorly, and despite winning the first two games of the first round against Dallas, they could not pick up the pace needed in the playoffs.

The Golden Knights were eliminated in Game 7 and will have to think long and hard about their strategy next year.

The Golden Knights have been heavily criticized in recent years for their use of players on LTIR.

Vegas ends its regular season without a captain for three years. Two years ago they didn’t make the play-offs. Last year they were crowned champions.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – FEBRUARY 17: The Vegas Golden Knights vs. the Carolina Hurricanes at T-Mobile Arena on February 17, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images)

This year, Mark Stone has been absent since February. What the Golden Knights have done isn’t illegal, but it has given them the ability to substitute “injured” players to replace those on LTIR, then have them all available in the postseason where the salary cap doesn’t apply .

But Stone had just three goals and zero assists in seven games; he couldn’t pick up the momentum. And things would have been different if they hadn’t entered the playoffs as the second wild-card team.


Speaking to the media on Monday, Stone gave his honest assessment of Vegas’ postseason and what went wrong. He claimed that the poor performances in the regular season had cost them a lot of money.

“We felt like we definitely had a team that had a chance to continue long-term,” Stone said.

“It probably would have been better if we had put ourselves in a better position in the regular season. It’s never easy to come in eighth and beat all the top teams at the start.”


Stone, who goes by the nickname “Mr. LTIR’ was absolutely criticized for his assessment of the Golden Knights’ early postseason exit, and everyone said the same thing on social media while he was brutally targeted.

“He wants people to know that the LTIR stuff isn’t his idea,” said someone on X, formerly Twitter.

“Maybe you should have played at the end of the regular season to help your team reach a higher spot, you were healthy, right?” said another.

“Less fueling in the regular season is a good idea,” a third added.

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