Video shows tornado vaporizing building in Nebraska

Video shows tornado vaporizing building in Nebraska

An absolutely crazy video shows a tornado destroying a building in Nebraska.

Tornado season has begun across much of the country, with Nebraska experiencing a bad season in late April. Thanks to AccuWeather, images have now surfaced, and you have to see it to believe it.

AccuWeather describes the event as follows:

“These images of the complete destruction of a building were filmed by a dashcam in an unoccupied vehicle in a parking lot during the tornado in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 26, 2024. First the trees disappear, then the building is crushed by the police. twister, spewing out a huge amount of debris as it passes directly in front of the camera.”

You can watch the video below and give me your thoughts [email protected].

Tornado destroyed building in Lincoln, Nebraska.

These images really look like they could have come straight out of the movie ‘Twister’. It’s beyond gruesome and scary. It’s just mind-boggling.

One moment there is a building. It literally disappeared seconds later after the twister tore through it like a blowtorch through soft butter.

One of the craziest aspects of the tornado that hit Nebraska is that, despite how powerful it was, officials did not believe it caused any deaths or significant injuries.

I believe it’s safe to say this is a miracle.

There are always a few natural disaster videos every year that shock the internet. I think it’s safe to say that a building that evaporates is on the list. Let me know your thoughts at [email protected].