House to vote on law enforcement rights, free lunches for public school students

House to vote on law enforcement rights, free lunches for public school students

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Officials will vote on several bills in the state House today, including the Law Enforcement Act.

The House Judiciary Committee will consider an amendment to the Due Process Accountability and Transparency Act; proposing to add five members to the committee, instead of three.

The committee is charged with meeting on complaints against law enforcement officers, but the bill would also stipulate that the committee cannot be employed by the same agency as an officer under investigation.

Today at the State House, the House Labor Committee will vote on the social worker recruitment bill.

The bill is intended to address the state’s problems hiring social workers and would eliminate acceptance response wait times for successful applicants.

It also requires the names of all qualified applicants to be sent to the hiring agency while extending the Department of Children, Youth, and Families’ pilot hiring program through March 2026.

Meanwhile, the House Finance Committee will vote on bills related to schools. One bill would consider requiring state lawmakers to provide free breakfast and lunch to all elementary and middle school students attending public schools.

Another bill, which was heard just today, would fund the Rhode Island Student Loan Authority, allowing eligible individuals to forgive student loan debt.

Also today, lawmakers will launch a campaign for tax millionaires.

The Revenue for Rhode Islanders Coalition says they will raise $126 million by adding a millionaire’s tax, from 5.99 percent to 8.99 percent on adjusted gross income above $1 million.

You can see which bills will be voted on tonight by clicking here.