Worley wins contract for US Gas-to-Liquids project with CCS

Worley wins contract for US Gas-to-Liquids project with CCS

Australian engineering firm Worley has been awarded the front-end engineering and design contract (FEED) for Cerilon’s innovative gas-to-liquids (GTL) project in North Dakota.

Cerilon’s facility will be the first of its kind worldwide to use large-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology. This groundbreaking approach aims to minimize the project’s ecological footprint.

The GTL plant will convert natural gas into approximately 24,000 barrels per day of high-performance synthetic products, including advanced lubricants, ultra-low sulfur diesel and naphtha.

In particular, the project will establish a domestic source for Group III+ base oils, which are currently mainly imported.

Worley plans to use a standardized design approach for this project, allowing for efficient replication in the future.

The company considers this contract as “sustainable work” according to its internal classification system.

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Worley has already completed the preliminary engineering phase (pre-FEED) for the GTL project.

This new agreement marks the official start of the FEED phase. The technical services will be delivered from Worley’s office in Calgary, Canada, with additional support from their global network, including integrated delivery teams.

“We look forward to continuing to support Cerilon in producing low-carbon products and energy, in line with our purpose to achieve a more sustainable world,” said Chris Ashton, CEO of Worley.

This marks Worley’s second recent project victory. In addition to the U.S. GTL project, Worley has also won a contract to strengthen natural gas infrastructure in Mexico.

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This project includes the expansion of Engie’s Energia Mayakan pipeline in the Yucatan Peninsula. The expansion aims to significantly increase the pipeline’s capacity, from 250 million cubic feet of gas per day to 567 million cubic feet of gas per day.

This increase is intended to meet the increasing demand for natural gas for energy generation and general use in the region.

Worley was selected as the owner’s engineer for this project based on their successful completion of the FEED (front-end engineering and design) phase.

The specific services Worley will provide are classified as ‘transitional work’ under their sustainability framework.