Rain in the Hill Country is expected to improve lake levels

Rain in the Hill Country is expected to improve lake levels

CENTRAL TEXASThe weekend rain brought floodwaters to parts of the Heuvelland. It will trickle downstream and is expected to help gauge lake levels in the Austin area.

On Monday, water flowed over the Llano Dam.

“We have received favorable rainfall in the upper part of the Highland Lakes Watershed,” said John Hofmann, executive vice president for water at the Lower Colorado River Authority.

“I know the people who live on Lake Travis will be very happy. I live on LBJ, and we have a consistent level. My parents live on Lake Travis, and they will be happy to see that,” Max Galen, who works in Llano, said.

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About two feet of water closed County Road 307 at the Slab in Kingsland.

“It’s great, really nice to see it back to where it was, well, almost where it was,” said Kingsland resident Stacy Branum.

Downstream, that water is expected to help improve lake conditions at Lakes Buchanan and Travis, although Lake Buchanan will benefit more. Since last week it has risen one meter and is 53 percent full.

“We had been looking forward to El Niño as an opportunity to really improve our rainfall situation. It hasn’t really materialized as we had hoped, but the rain we have received in recent weeks has been very helpful.” Hofmann said.

Lake Travis has risen a foot since last week and is 39 percent full.

Despite the small water increase, it will take much longer before these lakes are completely full.

‘It would take significant rainfall to fill the lakes, although what we have seen over the past week is very important as it has replenished much of the moisture lost in the soil. We started seeing runoff in our watersheds. which we haven’t seen in a long time,” Hofmann said. “We must remain very conscious of water conservation and ensure we use water as wisely as possible. We still have a hot, dry summer ahead of us.”

LCRA says if we get more rain in the next two weeks it will help even more with lake levels.