A’s clear major hurdle in the Vegas relocation process

A’s clear major hurdle in the Vegas relocation process

Thanks to the Nevada Supreme Court, the Oakland A’s are one step closer to moving to Las Vegas.

On Monday, the court rejected a proposed ballot initiative that would have allowed Nevada voters to decide whether to revoke public funding that lawmakers had promised to the A’s billionaire owner John Fisher.

A lower court had also rejected the ballot initiative, with the Supreme Court upholding that decision. And it dealt a major blow to those who had hoped to use the vote to prevent $380 million in taxpayer money from being used to build a new stadium on the Las Vegas Strip.

The organization fighting the public funding said they will fight to get the initiative up for a vote in 2026, which would still be before the new stadium is completed. Maybe their dominant closer, Mason Miller, will finally get a special entrance by then.

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Oakland A is closer to building a new stadium

Renderings of the proposed new stadium on the site of the former Tropicana Hotel at the south end of the Strip show a vast improvement over the current Coliseum. Although some high school stadiums are an improvement over the Coliseum.

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That said, current images look like the stadium will face west, which would be the first stadium in the MLB that won’t face east. Clearly there are still some issues to be ironed out, but with public funding yet to be distributed, the A’s are on their way to making this move a reality.

With, of course, a multi-year detour to a minor league stadium in Sacramento.