Miss USA is stepping down after just seven months in office

Miss USA is stepping down after just seven months in office

Miss USA winner Noelia Voigt has stepped down from the position after seven months to prioritize her mental health.

A woman from the United States has been crowned every year since 1952 Miss USA after winning the American beauty pageant.

The 2023 winner from Utah, Voigt, has revealed that she is stepping down from her position after seven months due to her mental health.

In a shocking Instagram post, Voigt wrote a lengthy statement and captioned the post: “I realize this may come as a big shock to many. Never compromise your physical and mental well-being.

“Our health is our wealth. A million thanks to all of you for your constant and unwavering support. Time to write the next chapter. I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next.’

In the statement, the 24-year-old explained that she was resigning from the position she won on September 23, 2023, becoming the 72nd Miss USA winner and the first Venezuelan-American woman to do so.

Voigt wrote, “In life, I strongly value the importance of making decisions that are best for you and your mental health. As individuals, we grow by experiencing different things in life that lead us to learn more about ourselves.

“My journey as Miss USA has been incredibly meaningful, proudly representing Utah and later the US at Miss Universe (held in November). Unfortunately, I have made the very difficult decision to relinquish the title of Miss USA 2023.”

The comments were flooded with support for Voigt, with fans praising her for putting her well-being first.

“Life is so much bigger than the crown. It’s just the beginning, honey! I’m proud of you for putting yourself first,” one person wrote.

Someone else commented: “Sending you so much love. You are so strong! We are here for you.”

Another person also pointed out an interesting detail in the statement, explaining: “If you take the letter from the beginning of each sentence. It says I am silent.”

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