Guernsey County schools have policies regarding student cell phone use

Guernsey County schools have policies regarding student cell phone use

Ohio lawmakers, leaders and school officials, including Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, met last month to discuss research showing the negative effects of cell phone use by students. The roundtable included discussions on student mental health, academic performance and social well-being.

As more students have access to cell phones and smartwatches, DeWine is urging school administrators and teachers to limit student use of the devices or consider banning cell phone use in schools entirely.

Here’s a look at cell phone policies at area high schools.

Buckeye Trail High School

Students are permitted to use cell phones on campus before school, between classes, in the cafeteria during lunch breaks, and after school. They may not be used during class. Cell phones and electronic devices used for cyberbullying will be confiscated.

Recording equipment may be used in a classroom, but only as a teaching aid and only with prior permission from the teacher or as specified in an IEP or 504 plan. Students are not permitted to take unauthorized photos or videos of students or employees.

Cambridge secondary school

Personal devices can be used before school, during class changes, during lunch and after school. The use of devices during class is not permitted unless the teacher permits it. Each of these times can be restricted by building-specific administrators. Students must have their devices on silent mode while on the school campus unless otherwise permitted by an administrator/teacher. Headphones may be used with permission.

Devices may not be used for cheating or for non-instructional purposes (such as making personal phone calls and text messages). Students may not use devices to record, transmit, or post photographic images or videos of any person or persons on campus during school hours or school activities unless otherwise authorized by an administrator/teacher. Devices may only be used to access computer files on Internet sites relevant to the classroom curriculum.

John Glenn High School

Students are discouraged from bringing electronic devices to school that distract or disrupt others. Electronic communications equipment may not be used during the regular school day unless approved by a classroom teacher for instructional purposes. A student who brings a phone to school gives consent for the phone’s records to be searched as long as the search is related to a specific violation. If the policy is violated, staff will pick up the device and bring it to the office.

Students should not have access to cell phones unless given specific permission and are encouraged to leave smartwatches at home or under lock and key. Students are not permitted to access smartwatch features that provide additional access to their mobile phones. Students are required to honor the request of teachers and school staff to remove such a device from their person to avoid distractions or to prevent potential academic dishonesty in testing situations.

Meadowbrook High School

The classroom teacher makes the final decision regarding device use during lessons. Students may use their electronic devices during lunch period and between classes, or if permitted by a teacher. If the electronic device is used in a manner inconsistent with the Student Code of Conduct, the student(s) will be disciplined in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Students are not permitted to use electronic devices to record videos/images within the school without permission from the class teacher or the person(s) being recorded. ‘Sexting’ is prohibited at all times on school grounds or at school events. Such conduct may result in criminal offenses related to the transmission or possession of child pornography.

Sources: Written school policy available online in the student handbooks for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years.