The Left media now blaming Americans for tanking Biden economy

The Left media now blaming Americans for tanking Biden economy

The majority of mainstream media has been in the pocket of the Democrats for multiple decades now. Big conglomerates all making sure their stories line up in concert with one another, to push liberal narratives like climate change, open borders, and various other things that make America less American. So, it is no shock that the Associated Press are now blaming the economic struggles of ‘Bidenomics’ on Americans.

In their analysis, the AP said that ‘affluent Americans’ are driving the US economy and delaying any potential rate cuts from the Fed. Essentially, it is American’s fault we are in this mess, so shame on us for wanting to spend a little after working full-time for little pay. No mention of Biden’s overspending, or sending billions to Ukraine, or nixing the Keystone Pipeline project which increased gas prices dramatically. No, it’s our fault.

However, it is also not shocking to see such a ridiculous analysis, considering how many Liberals like to blame others for their problems. If it was a Republican President, it would be all their fault. But because it is Joe Biden, it is our fault. Economist Vance Ginn says it is a classic move.

“We have seen too many taxes, overspending, too much debt, and too much money printing which has led to higher inflation,” he says. “Many people are strapped for cash even as they spend more, and this has been the result of Bidenomics.”

Awhile back in 2024, Biden creepily whispered that ‘Bidenomics is working.’ Alas, no Joe, it hasn’t been working, and the proof is in the pudding.

Inflation is struggling to cool down enough to drop the interest rates any time soon, and we continue getting gouged at the gas pump due to his emptying of the strategic reserve. Yet, he continues pushing this delusional idea that it is working.

Compare that to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, who took over a mess from Jimmy Carter and massive inflation in the 1970s. He tried something once in office which was not working, but unlike Biden, he admitted his mistake.

“He said lets try something new…so they started deregulating the economy, had the Reagan tax cuts, and reigned in government spending…and what you saw was a great period of great economic growth,” he says.

But old stubborn Biden and the gaggle of far-left Democrats cannot own up to their mistakes and refuse to change direction.

“Instead, they want to tax the rich with a global wealth tax and spending more…all of that is inflationary because it slows economic growth, and increases the money supply,” he says.

While the media keeps carrying the torch for the administration, Americans are growing more frustrated. Most recent polls show the economy is far and away their biggest concern heading into the election.

The irony here is that Biden is funded by these old, affluent Americans they so desperately want to tax and blame.

They can project and play spin zone all they want; it will not fix the fact that there is an obvious problem with the economy. But even owning up to the mistake and reverting back to Reagan-like ways might not be enough now.

“I think this is permanent damage…and we will see these issues for a long time,” says Ginn.

The Fed recently announced that inflation is nowhere near levels that make them confident in cutting rates soon.