Mica Miller’s cause of death revealed. The pastor’s wife died from a gunshot

Mica Miller’s cause of death revealed.  The pastor’s wife died from a gunshot

Mica Miller, the wife of a South Carolina pastor she accused of abuse before she was discovered, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the local medical examiner.

What happened to Mica Miller?

Mica, 30, was found dead at Lumbee River State Park in North Carolina on April 27, weeks after she posted a video discussing marital violence and claiming she had been attacked and was “afraid for your life.” Days after her death, her friends and family members held a “justice for Mika” rally outside Solid Rock Church, where Pastor Miller, 44, works. Last week the pastor stunned his audience by announcing after the service that his wife had died and that her death was a “suicide.”

Mica Miller’s cause of death revealed:

On Monday, Robeson County Medical Examiner Dr. Richard Johnson said the wound appears to be self-inflicted. Mica made an impassioned video a few weeks before her death, discussing marital violence and offering help to “ANYONE who is struggling to get out of a dangerous situation because they think God is going to attack them.” She said, “My heart is a little heavy today.” Many women have approached me about abuse, and I would like to share what many people have told me since I believe I forgot. “But you are first and foremost the wife of Christ, whether you are a woman or a man. Harassment is harassment regardless of your gender.

Mica Miller was afraid for her life:

On Monday, before her cause of death was determined, ABC reported that Mica filed a police complaint against the man — whose identity was concealed in records — in March, accusing him of harassment. She told investigators she was “afraid for her life,” discovered a tracking device in her car and repeatedly deflated her tires. After her death, Pastor Myrtle Beach Miller surprised his Solid Rock congregation at South Carolina’s Market Common Church by announcing that his wife had died and that it was “self-inflicted.” He then told the audience he was going to “take a little break.” ‘ and leaves the chapel without explaining what he has just said. Mika’s family dismissed her husband’s suicide story just a few days after she died on April 27.