Apple Watch 2024 Pride Collection unveils super-bright watch strap

Apple Watch 2024 Pride Collection unveils super-bright watch strap

Every spring, Apple announces a Pride Collection, with wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, a new watch face for Apple Watch and straps or two for the Watch. This year’s band is very striking.

This year’s band is a Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop. It’s not the first Pride Braided Solo Loop and while the last was bright and striking, this one takes things to a new level of clarity.

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That’s because it uses what Apple calls “a vibrant, fluorescent design,” and when it delivers on the visuals, it looks retina-searingly bright. If you’ve ever been to a Pride event, you’ll know that muted and subdued colors are definitely not the order of the day, so this band reflects this.

Of course, this being Apple, there’s more to it than just colors. The Watch Pride straps always have something extra, even down to more colorful packaging, for example. This time around, the band features a laser-etched band that reads PRIDE 2024. Apple says the design is inspired by multiple Pride flags: “The colors black and brown symbolize Black, Hispanic and Latinx communities, as well as those affected by HIV / AIDS, while the pink, light blue and white shades represent transgender and non-binary individuals.”

There are also new wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone and Apple is using this Pride moment to support LGBTQ+ advocacy groups. These include ILGA World, a global federation committed to advancing the rights of LGBTQ+ people worldwide; and the Human Rights Campaign, a global advocacy organization that aims to ensure that all LGBTQ+ people are treated as full and equal citizens. Apple says it also supports other organizations such as Encircle, Equality North Carolina, Equality Texas, GLSEN, Equality Federation, the National Center for Transgender Equality, PFLAG, SMYAL and The Trevor Project.

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The watch face that comes with the band is called Pride Radiance and users can choose from a spectrum of colors to personalize the look. “On Apple Watch, the colors follow each number on the watch face and respond in real time as the user moves their wrist based on input from the gyroscope,” Apple says.

You don’t have to buy the band to get the watch face, of course, although you will have to wait for an upcoming software release, watchOS 10.5, which Apple says is coming soon – although it could be very soon indeed: some analysts The next round of updates could arrive today, May 7.

The Watch band itself goes on sale from Monday, May 22, priced at $99, £99 in the UK. The Braided Solo Loop is one of the most comfortable bands available.

Oh, and if you want something even brighter, Nomad just released a limited-edition Glow Sport Band that actually glows in the dark (but be quick, the luminous iPhone case that launched at the same time was out in less than a day out of stock) .

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