State of the industry: other trends for your radar

State of the industry: other trends for your radar

Cover image: Open Venues is a new, unique event venue platform that gives users exclusive access to booking rare and historic properties and wild landscapes for every type of event. Pictured here: Reserve at Red Rock, Nevada. Photo courtesy of Open Locations

While we can’t possibly cover every aspect of the industry, here are a few other trends we’ve seen in the spotlight this year:


Personalization and customization are the big buzzwords entering the new year. With the trend in data collection and innovative technology, we see event professionals starting to delight customers with hyper-personalized experiences.

“Using data-driven insights and advanced techniques, event professionals can tailor content, networking opportunities and agendas to the preferences and goals of participants,” said event management platform vFAIRS in a recent article.

Event platform Prismm (formerly AllSeated) echoes the same sentiment: “This strategic approach aims to create highly individualized experiences for visitors, going beyond mere customization to drive engagement and satisfaction. Looking ahead, the integration of data analytics, mobile event apps and AI chatbots will redefine attendee experiences, streamline venue operations and improve event planning efficiency, making events more successful and impactful.”


We have been rising slowly in recent years and expect 2024 to be a banner year for gamification and interactive elements. “Through gamification, event professionals can effectively communicate key messages, facilitate knowledge transfer, and enhance learning outcomes,” according to the vFAIRS article. “Attendees are more likely to remember and apply the information when they are actively engaged and invested in the experience, ultimately leading to a more impactful and meaningful event.”

There are also several ways in which gamification can be integrated into events. “By integrating game-like features such as challenges, leaderboards and rewards, organizers can encourage active participation, increase attendee engagement and make events more fun,” according to a LinkedIn article.

Content on demand

As we continue to navigate the balance between in-person, hybrid and virtual events, one factor remains relevant: attendees want access to high-quality content.

“Live streaming offers the opportunity to bridge the gap between physical and virtual visitors, creating a more inclusive and immersive experience. With on-demand content, event professionals extend the life of their events and attendees can access and re-watch content at their leisure,” says vFAIRS.

Relationships with suppliers

In 2024, event industry leaders will continue to address workforce issues and corporate culture.

The Cvent report, “Meeting and Event Trends to Know for 2024 – and Beyond,” explores the value of relationships across a fluid workforce.

“According to the 2023 Cvent Planner Sourcing Survey for Europe, 20% of event professionals say the loss of relationships is a key challenge due to staff shortages. Rebuilding relationships will be one of the most common trends impacting priorities in 2024,” the report said.

Collaboration and coopetition were discussed in several conversations during Catersource + The Special Event in 2023, and we expect we will continue to hear discussion about the value of relationships within the events industry in 2024.


An important keyword of 2023 was ‘bleisure’: a travel style that combines business and leisure.

“By 2024, hybrid work won’t just mean splitting time between home and the office,” the Cvent report said. “People work from the beach, cafes, mountain huts and much more. This freedom also opens up new revenue opportunities for hotels that can meet hybrid work needs.”

3D visualization tools

As technology continues to evolve to meet the needs of both event professionals and consumers, 3D diagramming and mapping tools are predicted to be popular in the coming year.

Prismm’s article notes: “Advanced tools for event planners create detailed 3D diagrams of event spaces, emphasizing collaborative planning, precise design elements, and the ease of remote planning with intensified automation. Looking ahead to 2024, the importance of 3D diagramming software will increase dramatically and become indispensable for creating visually stunning and efficiently planned events.”

Exciting locations

Here’s something we hope will catch on: a new, unique event venue platform called Open Venues, giving users exclusive access to booking rare and historic properties and wild landscapes for any type of event, whether transformative corporate events, brand activations , weddings or extensive dinners. With a current collection of 25 locations in a total of four states (Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah), all locations within the Open Venues network can only be booked via the platform. From verdant valleys, historic mansions and downtown lofts to majestic mountains and deserts, Open Venues lends the keys to its curated collection of rarefied retreats and legendary landscapes. As immersive and unique events continue to go mainstream, we’ll be keeping an eye on this exciting new platform.


As we close out 2023 and enter a new year, we can say one thing with certainty: while there are still challenges ahead, we have seen the industry recover, and the resilience and dedication of event professionals is the reason we look forward to 2024.

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